At Shriram IVF Centre, diagnosis begins with your first visit to our IVF center. Infertility is diagnosed through an extensive and comprehensive infertility workup on both partners, when necessary. In the woman, the tests focus on whether or not she is ovulating and any undiagnosed abnormalities in her fallopian tubes or uterus such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) endocrine disorders or any other medical conditions.

In men, a physical examination, lab work, and ultrasound if required are used to rule out impediments to male fertility, including low sperm count. In case you and your partner have already been seen by a physician about your fertility issues, and you may have had some preliminary lab work done. Bring those results and your complete medical records to your first appointment so one of our fertility specialists can review them and discuss your reproductive history. A crucial part of the diagnosis process for women is a thorough physical exam, including a transvaginal ultrasound and blood test. Other diagnostic tests include hysterosalpingography , hysteroscopic and laparoscopic evaluation.

The ovulatory dysfunction can be revealed through hormonal blood tests on Cycle Day2/ 3 and Day 21 testing. With the right diagnosis, A new beginning can be started at Shriram IVF Centre. We're committed to help you out in achieving your dream of pregnancy and parenthood.